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About Daniel Ranocchia

I have a passion for the real estate industry. From an early age, I could remember tagging along with my father, a carpenter and builder, for many years. In the process of him completing one job and moving to the next, I developed the knowledge of what it takes for a home to be built from the bottom up. I also learned about neighborhoods throughout Fairfield County and what makes a home marketable for a buyer or seller. Through these experiences, I began to understand the importance of integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic and have been applying it to my daily life ever since. I have carried this sense of pride with me when I attended Pennsylvania State University and later in my corporate sales career. As I worked in communications I realized how important this aspect is in making opportunity happen. Although my heart was never in the corporate world, I found myself drifting back to my roots. Real Estate has given me a refreshing mix of my past experience in the trades with the structure and responsibility of my corporate background. As we continuously face a changing economic real estate market, I have a consistent mindset on continuing education in my industry. Opportunity for my clients is abundant and always morphing so I feel it is my responsibility to pass off the knowledge gained to my clients. When it comes to representing a buyer or seller in a transaction they can be assured that their investment will be carried out with great care and diligence. I constantly strive to provide the best service to my clients possible. Whether you are a buying or selling a home I am a person who thinks outside the box and uses creativity to get the job done